Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Earrings for Men Studs - Earrings for Men JewelryFresh.com

Jewelry Fresh was created to provide ordinary people with extraordinary bling. The mainstream jewelry stores leave you with two choices; crazy expensive genuine jewelry, and cheap looking fake jewelry. It's obviously not smart to buy expensive diamond, gold or platinum jewelry.

 Earrings for Men JewelryFresh.com

Unless you're already a multi-millionaire, your future self will hate you for wasting thousands of dollars on a piece of jewelry. It's also foolish to buy cheap looking fake jewelry from fly by night websites or small mall carts.
Black Enamel Earrings
Sure, you save a few bucks but what's the point? It ends up costing you more! The item will break easily and bring you embarrassment. At Jewelry Fresh, we don't sell overpriced genuine jewelry, and we don't sell cheap garbage fakes either. We sell smarter jewelry.
Earrings Black and White
With our plated and sterling silver jewelry, you get the best of both worlds. You get the look, feel, and experience of white gold, platinum and diamond jewelry at tremendously lower prices. Now that's smart.

Jewelry Fresh is owned and operated by our parent company DWT International Inc., a leader in the online jewelry business for over 10 years now. Our staff is more knowledgeable with the various quality grades of hip hop jewelry than anyone else in the business. We have owned and operated several high performing jewelry websites in the past, before eventually consolidating into this hip hop jewelry superstore.

We have pioneered many popular trends through our history by creating custom made products. Many years ago, our LD1 spinning rim pendant was released, long before 50 cent made spinning medallions popular. A year later, every website was carrying spinner pendants, which didn't spin well at all by the way. Our bling bling jewelry has been featured in photoshoots, magazine spreads, nationwide TV and other media. Everyone knows we have the best jewelry around.

Our company currently operates a handful of online operations, all of which receives our dedication and commitment to perfection. We are a PayPal and Authorize.net verified company, which gives you peace of mind and buyer protection when you order from us. We only accept the safest forms of payment to ensure your financial information is as secure as possible. Our website is SSL secured with the highest standard in the industry. Jewelry Fresh has multiple shipping facilities across the US and in Asia, to provide fast and reliable shipping to anywhere in the world.

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