Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hoop Earrings Gold Ball at ArtFire

Founded in 2008, we are small Tucson, AZ based company with about 15 employees, with a passion for handmade, art, and indie business. As an interactive handmade market place and craft community our mission is to support your business and your brand with innovative features and functions. We are an e-commerce company and we focus on support of member's needs by taking a service first approach.
Hoop Earrings Gold Ball at ArtFire
We utilize a system of site design we call Community Directed Development (CDD) which put our members in control of the development of functions and features of the site, and puts senior managers and developers on the front line of service. CDD is a system that ArtFire designed in an effort to best serve the individual and collective needs of the ArtFire community.
Hoop Earrings Gold
As a member of the ArtFire community you have a voice. We bring a unique perspective with us when serving your needs. Our founder started as a seller on large online venues and learned firsthand the challenges that sellers face when "partnering" with a marketplace venue.

At ArtFire the member is the mission. Support is delivered through interaction in, and engagement of the community. We focus on creating time saving tools for the community, and features essential to running a profitable business.

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you and commit ourselves to working each day to make your business more successful, our community stronger, and our world better. We ask for your assistance in helping us mold the ArtFire community in a constructive and cooperative manner.

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