Monday, December 12, 2011

Great Gift for Girlfriend - Hoop Earrings Gold with Pearls by

Pearls of Joy is an online retailer of pearl jewelry based in Los Angeles. Their e-commerce site launched in 2000 and offers one of the largest selections of pearl jewelry online. Pearls of Joy has rapidly become the first choice for customers looking for exceptional value pearl jewelry.

Hoop earrings gold with pearls

Pearls of Joy grew from a small eBay based business to a large international company with satisfied customers all over the world. The company has enjoyed triple digit growth year after year and continues to expand their selection of fine pearl jewelry.

Pearl jewelry

Savings is key to Pearls of Joy's business model. Buying directly from pearl farmers around the world, they're able to buy the finest pearls at lower prices than anyone else.

As an online retailer, their expenses are much lower than traditional jewelry stores. These two factors allow Pearls of Joy to offer pearl jewelry at up to 85% off mall jewelry store prices.

Great Gift for Girlfriend - Hoop Earrings Gold with Pearls by

Repeat customers are the core of the business, with many people returning again and again to purchase high quality pearl jewelry at substantial savings.

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