Monday, March 21, 2011

Large Hoop Earrings

Large hoop earrings have been a fashionable trend for women for decades. The majority of jewelers carry a wide selection of hoop earrings from tiny to extremely large. Most fine jewelers carry hoops consisting of gold of one or several colors, sterling silver, and sometimes enamored with jewels. These types of large hoop earrings can be very ornate and on the expensive side.

Gold Large Hoop Earrings

Some are studded with diamonds or gemstones while others feature one or more tones of gold. More intricate hoops are complex and can be several hoops combined together into one earring; for the most part large hoop earrings consist of a single hoop with some sort of design or embellishment. Some hold some special significance, such as a birthstone or symbol as part of the design, while simpler ones tend to be for everyday wear. Regardless of the style chosen, large hoop earrings are common decoration for the ears of most women.

Large Diamond Hoop Earrings

Where did this trend towards large hoop earrings start? It’s hard to designate a particular place or year that the trend took hold, but now it is a part of common fashion and found everywhere. Women of all ages are seen sporting larger hoops in various simple or elegant designs made from platinum to plastic. Hoops can sometimes be seen in the ears of men, even.

Popular culture started featuring larger earrings especially in the 1960s as different styles of dressing and attitudes changed. From chunky plastics and metal of the days of disco and punk rock through to modern, studded hoops, this trend has solidified in time as fashions have changed from year to year, season to season. Large hoop earrings go with almost any outfit; they are a staple of jewelry collections everywhere. Large hoop earrings are not necessarily a sign of age or social status. And, large hoop earrings look suitable on any person, anytime, paired with anything. In the simplicity of fashion, hoop earrings are the chameleon accessory. And, they are suitable for any age and any occasion. Sometimes they are the perfect touch to an elegant evening gown, other times they are paired with jeans and a shirt; regardless of matching attire, they look suitable in any mode of dress.

Classic Large Hoop Earrings

As for what they are made of, hoop earrings can be made of most anything. Wacky plastic designs and even ones embellished with odd materials like leather or beads are not uncommon in cheaper styles; these styles can range from very low in price and found at the local department store or boutique, to much higher priced ones made from the finest. Jewelers tend to carry large hoops in gold, platinum, and silver with or without precious stones included and these can get quite costly. Finer jewelers that make luxury jewelry may have custom one-of-a kind sets available or create something special for a client at a high cost. Large hoop earrings are suitable as a gift for almost any holiday or occasion, for almost anyone with pierced ears. They are commonly given as birthday, anniversary, or holiday gifts with special consideration to the wearer and event in mind.

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